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National Customer Code

Horizon Power has joined the National Customer Code for energy brokers, consultants and retailers

What is the Customer Code?

The Customer Code aims to give you confidence that we are working together in your best interests and delivering value. It aims to raise standards of practice, strengthen trust and confidence and deliver better outcomes for you.

Aligning closely with our values, Horizon Power is one of the first retailers nationally to join the code.

Download a copy of the Customer Code

Our commitments to you under the code include:

• Customer centricity – put you at the centre of our business and make decisions aligned with driving positive customer outcomes.
• Transparency – provide clear, accurate and relevant information to help you make informed choices.
• Fit for purpose – offer responsible and accurate products and services that are driven by your needs and preferences.
• Accountability – be responsive to your needs and take prompt, appropriate action if you make a complaint and enquiries to ensure continuous improvement.

Our Large Business Customer Support Team