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What we offer



Our triple bottom line approach

What sets us apart is that we’re owned by the people of Western Australia. That means we’re never conflicted where our priorities lie and deliver future-focussed power solutions where not only your business benefits but so does the local community.

Our triple bottom line approach ensures sustainable business and community while delivering innovative customer solutions. Choosing Horizon Power means you're choosing to put the local economy and community first.

A dedicated Account Management team

We have a team of professionals dedicated to providing a tailored service to our large customers in the Pilbara. We will work with you directly to provide bespoke energy solutions for your specific business needs.

Local experience to get you connected

Horizon Power prides itself on reliability across the entire value chain - from generation all the way to powering progress in your business.

Getting connected in the Pilbara has a unique set of requirements. With our team of local experts coupled with our dedicated business account manager managing the process every step, we have the knowledge and experience in navigating complex electricity connections in the Pilbara. So you get the right energy solution for your business.

Collaborative energy

We believe that better starts by looking at the needs of our customers and communities. Our Account Management Team will work with you to develop an energy solution that has an integrated view of resource planning and will help create opportunities for co-design of scalable long term energy projects or short-term energy issue resolution.


While we’re committed to remain as the best option for power delivery to the Pilbara region today, we’re also working on tomorrow. It isn’t just about reliability, it’s also about responsibility. We currently have a leading low-emissions profile in the region, as well as world-first renewables innovation projects already delivering results on both efficiency and cost. We’re committed to lead the way to cleaner and more sustainable power for Western Australia. In fact, we’ve already enabled a whole town to shift to more than 50% renewables, and that’s just the start.