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Critical load application for business

For some customers, we understand that the continual supply of electricity to power operations is absolutely critical

If your electricity supply is eligible to be registered as a critical load, we’ll work with you to ensure that you are given advanced notice of any planned outages in the area, as well as priority when restoring power in the case of an outage.

Who is eligible?

We will look at a range of factors when assessing critical load applications to determine if a power outage will result in adverse economic, health, environmental or public safety consequences. Some example factors and industries are listed below.

Example factors                         Example details                                      
A utility service provided Water, gas, telephones, emergency services, ambulance, police, electrical hazards.
Health and safety                      Hospitals, aged care facilities, prisons, etc.
Environmental implications Sewage facilities and processing plant.
Special needs Shopping centres, heavy industrial, cold storage facilities, etc.
Animal suffering Animal care or processing plants.
Food processing Milk, bread, fresh producers.               
Public communications Emergency services communication sites.


How do I apply?

You’ll need to complete the form below and send it back to your local Horizon Power office.

Critical Load Application Form

Faults & power outages

Find information about planned power outages, faults and electricity supply interruptions when they occur.