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Register as a life support customer

While we aim to deliver a continuous power supply, sometimes electricity interruptions occur due to circumstances beyond our control

This could be because of a cyclone or storm, or so that we can undertake maintenance on the electricity network.

By knowing that you require life-support equipment at your premises, we will endeavour to contact you prior to any planned power interruptions. This will give you the opportunity to enact a back-up plan. Your needs will also be considered when planning power interruptions and restoring power after an interruption.

How do I register?

You and a medical professional will need to provide us with a completed application form. If you have any questions, please contact your local Horizon Power office or by calling us on 1800 267 926.

Apply for Life Support Registration

Life Support Equipment Electricity Subsidy Scheme

The Life Support Equipment Electricity Subsidy Scheme provides assistance to financially disadvantaged persons to help cover electricity costs associated with operating life support equipment at home.

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How do I remove myself from the Life Support register?

Please phone 1800 267 926 to speak with a customer service representative or send your request in writing to